Miha Turšič

Artist, designer & researcher | Waag society, KSEVT

Miha Turšič is an artist, designer and researcher, dedicated to the development of arts and humanities in outer space for more than ten years. He designed works about the human condition in outer space, developing post-gravitational art and artistic satellites, founded Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies (KSEVT), an institution with dedicated Cultural Space Programme and actively developing cooperations between space and art institutions in Europe, Russia, United States and China. In the last ten years, he organised a series of Out of the Cradle symposiums on the interdisciplinary understanding of human efforts in outer space, commissioned and curated pavilion of Republic of Slovenia at Architectural biennial in Venice (2014), produced a number of exhibitions on life in outer space and produced artworks for outer space conditions.

Currently, he works as project developer at Waag Society, where he develops projects for Open Design, Open Wetlab, art&science collaborations, space culturalisation, interdisciplinary composites and strategic design management.