Robert Zwijnenberg

Professor Art and Science Interactions at Leiden University

Robert Zwijnenberg is professor Art and Science Interactions at Leiden University. Trained in civil engineering and philosophy, he received a PhD in philosophy from the University of Amsterdam. His research and teaching focus are on the role of contemporary art in the academic and public debates on the ethical, political, cultural and aesthetic implications of biotechnological innovations. He is director of The Arts and Genomics Centre (TAGC), a platform for stimulating, initiating and supervising collaboration and exchange among international artists, researchers and life sciences professionals. Over the past eight years, Zwijnenberg organized and taught the Leiden Honours Class “Who Owns Life?”, addressing ethical, legal and economic implications of the life sciences using an artistic and hands-on pedagogy inside a biology lab. Zwijnenberg is the program director for the Leiden University Bachelor Arts, Media and Society, a program about the urgent and relevant role of contemporary art in our society (