ArtScience Forum @ Industry day 2018 in Leiden

Written by Katarina Petrović

Industry day 2018: Art & Science is organised annualy by the Museum de Lakenhal in cooperation with Cultuurfonds Leiden. Part of the Kunstroute Leiden since 2013, this event bridges the arts sector and other cultural and creative sectors in Leiden. Intended for professional artists, creative initiatiors, scientists and students, this year's meeting will showcase 'best practices, pitches and strong statements' happening around the topic of Art and Science. The aim of this afternoon is to stimulate young talent and established artists and to strengthen the 'makerklimaat' in Leiden, in direct relation to the (cultural) development of the city and associated themes.

We are delighted to announce that ArtScience Forum will be taking part in the afternoon of presentations and we invite you to join us.

Thursday 17 May 2018
13:00 - 16:00 h
Leidse Lentelokaal,
Haagweg 4, Leiden

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